Open source, and open science

As scientist, the least thing I expected, when yesterday I listened to the very interesting Linus Torvalds speech at TED, was a discussion on the way science and its results are diffused. I was pleased to hear Linus mentioning arXiv, the famous science archive […]

Jennifer, where are you?

This Is Your Song proposes a very difficult task! You know, It’s so hard to choose just one song, since everybody has plenty of wonderful songs  inside, that are ready to be loaded in memory when the situation do require it… Songs are, sometimes, such […]

Home, soil, rain (it’s cold outside)

Baby it’s cold outside. This words comes into my mind while I’m thinking about the caption of the photo I’ve just taken. I’m walking in the park and the first evidence is that it’s deep winter, all around me. Things are now what they seems.  I think […]

No pain, no gain

Yes, I think that it’s the way things are: you must work hard to obtain results. This is true in a variety of situation. More or less, it’s true basically everywhere. Take the case of art, for instance. This is a field in which […]