Almost, to be arrested

I’m writing this, because I can no longer find anyone to talk to about it without it dragging something down on me. I tried – somewhat naively – to talk about it at home, some time ago. Did you know that the demo of […]

The music of the cosmos

Can the lyrics of a song be literature? When I was in middle school (last century), the words of La Guerra di Piero by the Italian songwriter Fabrizio De André (Stefano Sandrelli recently spoke about him with ChatGPT) with amazement I saw them appear in my subsidiary, side by side […]

The rhythm of the Moon

This is the problem. That we have gradually freed ourselves from the rhythms of the Earth, of the seasons, of the cosmos. Until we build a synthetic and precisely artificial life, with temporal scansions that are out of this world, which make us strange and tire us. Because […]

Flying for me

This image was acquired by the Space Shuttle Columbia with a digital camera during the STS-107 mission. It shows the Sun playing with the Earth’s atmosphere, spreading a wide and suggestive glow. Columbia’s crew perished during a tragic accident on their return to Earth […]

More stars on Spotify

It’s called Under the Star and it’s another pleasant occasion to meet stars on Spotify (I mean, not celebrities, but real stars). Such playlist it’s very good for working without distraction (even if you’re not in the Observatory) or event to go to sleep, […]