The rhythm of the Moon

This is the problem. That we have gradually freed ourselves from the rhythms of the Earth, of the seasons, of the cosmos. Until we build a synthetic and precisely artificial life, with temporal scansions that are out of this world, which make us strange and tire us. Because […]

Flying for me

This image was acquired by the Space Shuttle Columbia with a digital camera during the STS-107 mission. It shows the Sun playing with the Earth’s atmosphere, spreading a wide and suggestive glow. Columbia’s crew perished during a tragic accident on their return to Earth […]

More stars on Spotify

It’s called Under the Star and it’s another pleasant occasion to meet stars on Spotify (I mean, not celebrities, but real stars). Such playlist it’s very good for working without distraction (even if you’re not in the Observatory) or event to go to sleep, […]

Play Music, or Spotify?

There is a thing I like so much in Google Play Music, and it’s the simple beauty of its minimalistic interface. Really much more appealing, to my eyes, in respect (just do say) to the look of Spotify. Nothing to say, Google is still […]

The butterfly

It’s time to came to terms with this: nobody can live only with hard rock or heavy metal… Patrick Ball has been a very pleasant discovery, to me 🙂