An interesting story

I must stop to talk a little more about Vivaldi, because I find him extraordinary even in certain details, something that is not often lingered on. For example, a really intriguing thing for me is watching how Vivaldi presents the browsing history. First of all, […]

Glasp, the social highliner

Yes, I wouldn’t want to define it differently, because this tool is really a wonderful social highliner. This is what Danilo Ruocco also calls him in his excellent article (Danilo, journalist and writer, is one of the few Italians I have found on Glasp, […]

Chrome, reloaded

I’m definitively a fan of Chrome browser. To tell you all the truth, every now and then I’ll try to switch to Safari, which seems to me a bit faster in loading the pages – at least on my not-too-recent MacBook. Anyway, it happens […]