What I like in Amplify

After just a couple of days,  it seems reasons are forming in my mind  why I think that Amplify is not “just” another social network, but it seems to show a good appealing (at least, to me)…

Here is my first thought…

  • the possibility of web site clipping & posting is great. Better than Buzz or Friendfeed
  • I like the “recommend” button. Easy and fast way to show appreciation of a post
  • I like the threaded replies (much better than “flat” replies as in FriendFeed or Qaiku). Identi.ca has also threaded replies but the strong limit in the length can heavily hamper the conversations
  • I like the fact that blog & microblog are kept together, the user can choose the right format for each post
  • I also appreciate than micropost are not limited to the too much abused 140 chars max. 500 is far better, IMHO; I’m tired of very short post šŸ˜‰
  • Connection to other services is also a good thing. Just hope Amplify staff can add Identi.ca in a near future …

(more to come…)


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