Chrome, reloaded

I’m definitively a fan of Chrome browser.

To tell you all the truth, every now and then I’ll try to switch to Safari, which seems to me a bit faster in loading the pages – at least on my not-too-recent MacBook. Anyway, it happens always the same: in a few hours (or minutes, depending on my mood and on what I’m doing) I close Safari and reopen Chrome. In Chrome, I feel at home. Safari seems to me a bit too “serious” (if you know what I mean); but the real problem of that otherwise excellent browser is that the choice of available extension is still really poor (when compared to Chrome and – of course – to Firefox). There are some tools that I need almost everyday, that are still missing in Safari: one for all, the HootSuite Hotlet.

Ah, yes. Another think I adore in Chrome is that it comes bundled with a “multi user system”. Which I find extremely useful in a variety of situations. It’s very comfortable when developing websites, or updating your blog (you can easily see how a given website do appear when you’re not logged in, for example). It’s very comfortable when you want let your wife check its emails on your computer, without the hassle of having to logout/login with her username and password. And surely, in another number of situations that I still can’t imagine!

Screenshot 2013-09-26 12.02.01

Now the latest update of Chrome (29.0.1547.76 at the moment writing) bring me even more excitement, I have to say. First, I have now a direct shortcut to post on Google Plus. Which is fine, because I have just took the decision to wake up my G+ account (that was sleeping while I was wasting time in Facebook) using it for my posts in English (or I should better say, for that imaginary language that I hope can resemble English in some way). Second, the interface is now much more polished (even more minimalistic, one can say), because the applications are normally hided, even if are just at a distance of one click.

Feels that I’m rather a not-too-orthodox Apple fan. Really Apple fans use Safari, no doubt.

Ok, as a simple browser, Safari probably work better. I do recognize it.

But the fact is, Chrome is more funny.


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