Science is a game!

True science is a game, after all. This is something we easily forget. Playing is one of the most important activities of mankind, so that even little boys and girls, who are not used to lost time (such their parents), spend most of their time in this way, playing.

One of the most beautiful games is to discover that physical reality can be understood, in its marvelous complexity, by the human mind. To discover how the universe works, it’s probably one of the most beautiful games, significantly contributing to build a feeling of significance in a life.

This amazing video has been interpreted by researchers of European Space Agency (ESA) in their spare time. It can help us to remember that, after all, scienze is a wonderful game.

Many can easily recognize the music, and also the guy who make a brief cameo at minute 5.41 (the two things are related, as you may discover).

You can make better science if you don’t take yourself too seriously. This is the true message of this nice video. A message to keep. Crucially important, for scientist and not scientist as well.


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