The Christmas Tree Cluster

This beautiful image shows the so-called Christmas Tree Cluster. The blue and white lights are produced by young stars emitting X-rays, detected by NASA’s Chandra satellite. Optical data from the National Science Foundation’s 0.9-meter WIYN telescope at Kitt Peak shows the gas in the […]

A truly space beagle

The Artemis I mission was, as we know, a complete success, and is destined to represent a clear turning point, to symbolically open (because in fact is already underway) the new race towards the Moon. Something that involves, as we well know, both the space agencies […]

The moon of Makemake

There is a whole world, besides the small cabotage of classical astronomy, that of a school textbook. And that’s exactly what fascinates me most. I’m curious about what is in the shade, what is not in the spotlight. We never, never or almost never […]

A new creation

Certainly well known is the photo of the Hubble telescope that shows the imposing columns of gas and dust, site of intense star formation, inside the Eagle Nebula . Oh well, we have seen it a lot of times. But now, it is as […]

Flying for me

This image was acquired by the Space Shuttle Columbia with a digital camera during the STS-107 mission. It shows the Sun playing with the Earth’s atmosphere, spreading a wide and suggestive glow. Columbia’s crew perished during a tragic accident on their return to Earth […]

Between destruction and construction

This time Hubble takes us to admire a violent and chaotic-looking mass of gas, the remnant of a supernova explosion. Called N 63A, the object constitutes the remains of a star of great mass, which has finished its life trajectory by pouring its gaseous layers into […]