Ancient dreams, of a new future

This image is truly beautiful: it preserves intact that seed of trust that perhaps we have lost, and that can be usefully taken up again in this particular age we are crossing. The drawing speaks of a possible future (precisely, a hypothetical toroidal structure […]

Stars, stars everywhere

Again, it’s Hubble Space Telescope that comes in help to satisfy our desire of wonder, giving us the exquisite gift of this image from the globular cluster named Messier 107. What can I say? It resembles a crowded stadium before a show, when we was still able […]

Science is a game!

True science is a game, after all. This is something we easily forget. Playing is one of the most important activities of mankind, so that even little boys and girls, who are not used to lost time (such their parents), spend most of their […]

I believe

Making science is much more funny when you understand that the Universe is something bigger and much deeper that a series of “casual” events….