A girl on a tram (or not)

So, I opened NightCafè and wrote “A girl on a tram” (don’t ask me why this image came to mind) and this came out. Really intriguing. It is not on the tram but in front, but in short we are there. At this point […]

An interesting story

I must stop to talk a little more about Vivaldi, because I find him extraordinary even in certain details, something that is not often lingered on. For example, a really intriguing thing for me is watching how Vivaldi presents the browsing history. First of all, […]

Tabs? They close by themselves

This is exactly what happens in the new version of the Vivaldi browser for Android. A really nice browser, now even better. In the new version, you can set a period after which the remaining open tabs are automatically closed, freeing up memory to […]

Glasp, the social highliner

Yes, I wouldn’t want to define it differently, because this tool is really a wonderful social highliner. This is what Danilo Ruocco also calls him in his excellent article (Danilo, journalist and writer, is one of the few Italians I have found on Glasp, […]